Unlocking the Potential of the Engineering Profession

Stratos is not an engineering consultancy, but we do a lot of work with engineers and even have a few engineers on our team! A conversation that we have sometimes had at the office is the role of engineers in promoting sustainable natural resource development, and our perspectives on how that is or is not happening. Our curiosity and discussions around this topic brought us to the Engineering Change Lab, a group that is working to define the higher potential of the engineering profession and simultaneously identifying, testing and progressing initiatives to address the challenges that are holding back this potential.

The Change Lab’s Initiatives range from increasing the profession’s diversity to developing engineer leadership skills to increasing awareness of the engineering profession in primary and secondary schools. As I attended these sessions, I found myself reflecting on what Stratos could do to realize the higher potential of the engineering profession.

Our work in sustainable resource development and sustainability more broadly is often at the interface of engineering design and social and environmental management. As actors in this space we can:

  • Identify and discuss the societal implications of technologies
  • Provide context of local issues to engineers (e.g. Indigenous history/reconciliation)
  • Identify and shape opportunities for communities to engage with the design process and engineers
  • Assess the potential policy implications of technologies
  • Design more integrative decision-making processes, with consideration of the engineer’s role 

We look forward to seeing the conversation at the Engineering Change Lab evolve, and reflecting on what our role is as engineers and/or those that interact with engineers on sustainability topics.