Stratos Hosting a Webinar on Evolving Place-Based Approaches to Sustainable Resource Development

At 2:00pm EDT on September 18, Stratos – in partnership with the Conference Board of Canada – will be hosting a webinar titled Getting It Right: Evolving Place-Based Approaches to Sustainable Resource Development. Facilitated by Stefan Reinecke and Michael van Aanhout, this 60-minute interactive webinar will explore emerging and evolving approaches to natural resource development planning that are being considered and tested in some of Canada’s resource development hotspots.

To register or find out more, visit:

Participation is free for all members of the Conference Board of Canada’s Council on Corporate Aboriginal Relations, Centre for the North, and Business Council for Sustainability.


Update: The webinar was a great success! Thanks to all the participants for the poignant questions.
The webinar slides can now be downloaded here.
To access a digital recording of the webinar from the Conference Board, click here.